Neff ● Split Hoodie

No other brand reps the California lifestyle with a funny approach like Neff does. What was at its very beginning an headwear company born in 2002 from a Shaun Neff vision evolved with time into a wider concept that incorporates all aspects of a dynamic lifestyle tied equally to music and to action sports.

Graphically speaking in order to give more emphasis to its approach to street culture, the brand decided to quit all other logos maintaining an emoji that smiles with a letter N instead of eyes. It all makes sense when your official hashtag is #ForeverFun.

Think about it and this claim applies easily to a snowboarder filming his line, rather than a skater doing his thing at a skatepark. How about a wild DJ set of techno music or the latest rap stars that you see topping the charts? It could be an FMX rider conquering a gold medal at X-Games or a surfer following his dream to ride the perfect wave but Neff is always there, supporting this global movement where reaching the ideal fun dimension is a mission.

How you get all these people stoked? Through a smashing style just like these shots show you. I made Sally B wear a two tone color block hoodie where the choice of colors scream Summer. Isn’t aqua green the same color of pool tiles?

The N smiley that I told you about is on the chest of this Split Hoodie in form of a little 3D embroidery while the navy hoodie has been lined with a contrast t-shirt fabric. To add a branding element this hoodie has a woven label stitched over the hem. You don’t have to worry about a proper matching here: just have fun rocking this item and the rest will follow…

Get your favorite street shop involved with Neff contacting Nitro Distribution: its experience, together with its evolution towards streetwear brands, shows how much it cares about your fun.
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