Neff ● Trio + Therman beanie

When a brand started its long path giving away beanies to pro snowboarders and its url is, rest assured: it knows beanies like an exact science. If once beanies were limited to mountain resorts and hip hop fans trying to look like Ice Cube in its prime, nowadays to wear a beanie is a style act, where temperature doesn’t matters much and music taste comes secondary.

For this reason not all beanies are created equal: come may be lightweight like the Trio here worn by Desire c and some others are for heavy duty missions like the Therman that Michela P is rocking here.

If you are in a period like this where harsh temperatures are almost gone, you may consider Trio to hang with your friends in the city. Its ribbed construction and its mixed yarn make it look like those retro knitted beanies crafted with love by skilled grandmothers. You can wear it both folded or unfolded like in these shots. Its color block design based on a light olive / grey / black colorway is easy to match when you wear camouflage and black.

Therman beanie has a pom pom on top and a cable knit retro style that couldn’t get any cozier. Thicker than Trio, this one has a built in polar fleece headband for extreme temperatures.

See what I meant by “beanies like an exact science”? Neff is providing the proper mountain gear for snowboard aficionados just like the right party cap for fresh individuals. It’s the only way to keep it #foreverfun by the brand based in California on Nitro Distribution roster: to serve your need for fun, with love for everyone. You should head to your favorite shop and tell them how fresh Neff is and let them understand that you will accept no substitute for your much deserved fun time.
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Photos courtesy of Simone Montanari

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