Neff ● Wildlife hoodie

Back like I never left, here I am with a new post, this time about a Neff hoodie. I received from Nitro Distribution a few items to keep you updated on the collections of this Californian main character of the streetwear industry.

I hope you did not forget that the whole streetwear thing started there, when surfers started to roll on sidewalks with their skateboards, when there were no waves to catch. Think about it for a minute and you see why Neff fits to this lifestyle like a glove. You surf in the morning, then you can skate in the afternoon. Go to sleep early and go snowboard on the mountains the day after. Party the night away to celebrate the rad moves you filmed. All the above can be done in different Neff outfits, making this the ultimate lifestyle brand.

Shifting away from technical showboard shells or crazy surfer glasses, we are focusing on a fleece today. Following the trend of retro graphics, whose subjects are wolfs and eagles that you may find at a souvenir shop in the middle of nowhere, here we have Wildlife hoodie.

It’s a way to give credit to the ancient tradition of portraying animals on tees and fleeces, with an approach that celebrates an heritage, not of the brand this time but of American culture in general. Let me add: don’t forget that these animals usually are found on the mountains, exactly where the snowboarding action takes place.

Wildlife hoodie has a large print that, for a better positioning, pushed the designers to create inside pockets, instead of the classic kangaroo. The color palette includes a touch of purple that seems to be highly in demand lately, so you have a chance to create proper matchings, with your sneakers or with your Neff beanie.

Keep your shop connected with Nitro if you want it to carry the latest Neff collections. If you don’t do so, there is a slight chance that an eagle will come and carry you away, dropping you in the middle of the woods, just where the wolfs hang…

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Photos courtesy of Simone Montanari

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