Neff – Brodie Sunglasses by Fresco Distribution

As I promised you when I first reviewed that Neff snapback not long ago, I’m back on track with more Neff gear. I truly couldn’t wait this moment and now it’s happening: we are checking the Brodie Sunglasses. Franz from Fresco Distribution told me to check out Richard Sherman before I wrote this post but, with all respect due both to our boy Richard and Franz himself, I love these sunglasses because of Riff Raff. The rapper from Houston is rocking these on his Wikipedia page, you feel me?! The lord of the neon colors renaissance can relate to these sunglasses with no hesitation. What else could be getting along this good with his Fendi braids and his Versace attitude. I love Riff Raff character to death because of his spontaneous crackalackin’ persona and because of his love for flamboyant styles. These Brodie are hot as lava and you don’t want to miss this chance to go back to the 80s with these. This item represent a crucial accessory for your outfit that will get your style closer to that member of the X-Men. The Brodie comes with a zippered hardshell case but also with a second polycarbonate lens, so you can choose according to the light in your area. The ideal environment for these bad boys that Jasmine P is wearing is any situation with fun overflowing, from the local club to the slopes where you go shred and anywhere in between. By the way Franz was right, go check this clip of Richard Sherman: he is the man, no doubt. Pictures courtesy of O’Graph.

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