Neff – Daily watch by Fresco Distribution

With your holidays approaching there is the need of a summer kit that is ready for hot weather but representing your passions at the same time. I let you do a check out list that you can tick off line by line before you leave for your destination but let me suggest the perfect watch. With all the California flavor that it takes, here comes a Neff timepiece for you. Daily watch is an item that I want to back up to the fullest for a simple reason: you can actually see the time. This is why these tools exist but sometimes it’s hard to know what time it is. How many wrist watches they try to push to us like we need them in the same way we need oxygen?! I swear I survived all these years without countdown, altimeter, alarm. What are smartphones for?! Daily watch, here worn by Mara V, has been designed with surf in mind. Its ABS case together with the PU strap have been treated in a way that feels so smooth it’s a pleasure to touch it. But Neff is a bit like Redman here: time for sum aksion! This means that beside its look, you can surf not caring about what you wear on your wrist: this piece is water resistant up to 125 ft. Make it a summer to remember: party a lot, surf even better and never forget your Daily watch from the club to the beach. Do you know what time it is? To ask Fresco Distribution for all the infos about the closest Neff dealer. Pictures courtesy of O’Graph.

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