Neff ● Hot Sauce Lord t-shirt + Bauce cap by Fresco Distribution

Neff gets my love for a simple reason: in the name of its “Forever Fun” claim, this brand can go where nobody dares, not even the eagles. It’s one of the main traits that this brand communicates: freedom. In the name of good fun anything can happen within this brand.

Who could ever imagine that, in a moment so crucial for organic and bio food, our friend Shaun Neff could come with a concept that represents… the exact opposite. You read it right: this Neff outfit is for the politically incorrect when it comes to a diet. Those that love juicy and greasy food, no matter if it’s an hamburger or like in this case a taco: if you feel it, eat it! Fresco Distribution kindly sent in this outfit worn by Michela P composed by Hot Sauce Lord t-shirt and Bauce cap just in time for Fall 2016 season. Belonging to the Burger Boys capsule, nothing is safe from this concept: diets, ice creams and fried chickens all come into play when it’s time to create a party outfit like there is no tomorrow. Don’t get me confused: this doesn’t mean that you gotta wear it to a party and that’s it: you gotta turn your life into a never ending party, so you can wear these pieces on a Tuesday, for example.

A special mention goes to the skeleton hands holding the taco, embroidered where the closure of your snapback is. A quite unique feature (and you know that I inspected more than a handful of caps here on The Maxiemillion) is waiting for a unique appetite: yours. Pictures courtesy of Maurizio Milesi.

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