Neff – Stealth underwear by Fresco Distribution

I don’t know about you but I never saw mens underwear with a message inside its elastic band. This is basically Neff: you have to expect the unexpected, all in the name of good fun and crazy styles. This brand is not lacking in these elements but not even in connections. With a roster that can count endless ambassadors from skateboarders like Moose to new school music leaders like Future, this time we are dealing with a pro basketball player. Ladies and gents, we have none else than Kevin Durant representing for Neff today. With its range that is never lacking any item that may contribute to your outfit, this time after we saw watches, snowboarding tech apparel and 80s sunglasses we step into the world of mens underwear. Being all the time on the court, jumping here and there with a large short it truly make sense to find a cool way to… keep all male attributes at the right place. Stealth underwear is unparalleled if you simply want the best of function and fashion. Its 7 sublimated colorways grant you a wide choice when it comes to picking the pattern you like and its design is second to none. With its ultra smooth moisture wicking micro mesh, ergonomic front pouch and mid-thigh inseam this becomes easily one of the most progressive technical underwear on the market. As you may suppose, there is no way that our boy is gonna put his name on a mediocre item. Believe what you see but most of all try on a pair. Connecting with Fresco Distribution you may find your way to make this happen. Pictures courtesy of Maurizio Milesi.

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