Neff – Yo Cap by Fresco Distribution

While you are already packing for your holidays, I’m already projected into the next season, with a juicy preview by Fresco Distribution. Neff, just like Fresco, supports the lifestyle of modern kids that may surf in the morning, chill in the pool during the afternoon and make beats at night. Or just skate their a**es off… What we are putting our eyes on today is this Yo Cap that Natali I is wearing. Massive, huh?! It brings back memories of Boogie Down Productions and the whole Yo, MTV Raps! era. Such a statement, for those unaware of the rap lingo is short for “word is bond”, an expression that has been used countless times in hip hop. As far as style goes, it brings back that 90’s flavor of nautical apparel and bold logos. So even if it’s obviously a tribute to the past, this cap is all but retro in its craftsmanship. Here different colors sailcloth are divided into 7 panels: two on top, one in front of the crown and four on the sides. Just when you thought you’ve seen an incredibly progressive cap, the Yo Cap hits you with more madness. How about a double enclosure with the related double woven labels?! One that says Neff while the other brings out again the stainless steel claim of this brand: Forever Fun. It seems that we have a steaming hot fall in front of us. Wait until September and ask Fresco where is the Neff dealer close to you, but beware: the Yo Cap is also available in a version that says “Bro”, homeboy. How about copping both?! Pictures courtesy of O’Graph

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