New Balance # ● 345 Snake Pack

How about starting the new week with a banger? I always do my best to keep your attention on my blog and therefor how could I leave out any longer New Balance Numeric skateboard shoes?! These kicks are making a rumor exactly like the bad boys that move in silence that Biggie told you about.

Instead of buying every skater on this earth and owning a major competition of top pros, New Balance Numeric (also known as New Balance #) focused on what it does best: making superior sneakers. The approach of this brand to the skate market is without a doubt a smart way to keep a younger audience focused on New Balance, that seemed to appeal only mature customers up to now.

The first skate shoe from the Boston brand to land on The Maxiemillion is New Balance Numeric 345. With its low profile, this essential design has all it takes to shred with you to no end. What got me stoked as soon as these shoes came out of the box is the material of the upper. Tough and resistant, the synthetic material will endure the wear and tear of your griptape also because of its reinforced toe.

A little stiff at first, this is further confirmation of how long will the vulcanized construction outsole lasts. When skate kicks break in as soon as you wear them, they use a soft rubber that wears out quicker. Look how the design of the tread has thicker lines where needed to last longer.

Impacts are cushioned by Abzorb, the technology of its insoles, hidden behind this ill cobra photographic print. Why a cobra? This colorway belongs to 345 Snake Pack.

So my impressions about this brand that is supporting local players Ale Cesario and Guido Zanotto is more than positive. Sleek silhouette, essential design and functional features represent a combo that is always welcomed on a skate deck.

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