New Balance # ● Quincy 254

I don’t think that New Balance # (read: “New Balance Numeric”) ever had more hype than now. The astral conjunction is quite heavy: their team rider Jake Hayes just turned pro for Deathwish, Franky Villani just joined the Primitive squad, there is a video called Parallax that is dropping today and like this wasn’t enough, in this corner of the planet that we call Italy the local team just had a fun day to celebrate their unity, together with their love for skateboarding, at Eden Skatepark in Bologna being Davide Holzknecht and Massimo Cristofoletti just back from Tampa Am.


Things are looking good for the section of New Balance that deals with skateboarding. Its humble approach to this “artistic activity turned sport” worked because it followed a logic related to an actual plan: rad professional skaters interacting and receiving proper support and effective restyling of its styles with skateboarding in mind.


It’s the second time that we deal with New Balance #. The first one that came under the spotlight was another pair, the 345 Snake Pack. While the other style was more essential and innovative, especially for what concerns the material of its upper, this Quincy 254 in the hands of Elisa C is more of a classic skate shoe.



Its branding on the side with the stitched Ns is eternal but for what concerns performance it’s the combination of the grippy suede upper with the N-Durance outsole that counts. The design of the latter gets along well with your griptape: it sticks and doesn’t wear out too soon.


The superior board feeling of these skateboard shoes has a secret: pulling out of your skateboard shoes its insoles you will see how padded and thick is the heel area compared to the forefoot area. I sure didn’t expect any less from a brand whose team includes an untouchable pro called Arto Saari: effective shoes designed to perform like no other.



Don’t believe the (other) hype: test the best and say bye to the rest.
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Photos courtesy of Ema/Nema photo

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