New Era ● AZ Stripes Multi Green camper

Mexican fabrics, colorful patterns and five panels: welcome to summer 2013. Are you an avid reader of Complex? They just posted the list of the 50 best five panels caps out now and New Era is among those 50 not with a piece but with two. This five panels on the head of Margherita N is called AZ Stripes Multi Green and it’s also produced in two more patterns of the same family: Multi Gold and Sparkling Grape but all these are very hard to find. I am fascinated by new stuff but at the same time I feel like it’s my duty to carry on tradition especially in this communication medium that is my blog. So I’ll never turn my back to caps that made me the cap fanatic that I am today but at the same time I’m curious about all the new stuff that comes out so I did my best for this review. First of all how are these Mexican textiles called? Huipils, rebozos and fajas are the most common garments that are made with these colorful fabrics that inspired modern designers to get along with tradition. What makes these fabrics interesting is their pop appeal and the traditional weaving craftmanship that seems a lost thing of the past. The modern urban expert is fascinated by the clash of old vs new and this trend of Mexican fabrics (whose origin is around 1400 b.c.), used for contemporary streetwear makes fans of our culture go crazy. Especially if we are not talking about a common snapback but it’s a cap with a fine leather strapback fastening. Think carefully when you’re choosing the five panels for your summer among those 50: don’t settle for anything less than New Era.

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