New Era ● Miami Heat Essential 59fifty

Glenn Frey was right in 1984: “the heat is on / on the street”. How could it be any different if when you go out you risk to meet Klaudia P wearing this New Era cap?

Miami Heat to my ears evokes the palm trees of the city it represents. This basketball team doing his thing since 1987 as the fourth NBA team of Miami after Orlando Magic, Charlotte Hornets and Minnesota Timberwolves had his ups and downs through the years but remains a staple in American Basketball.

Not by accident Lebron James had its share of balling in this team and this alone says a lot. From the little I know even when Dwyane Wade played in this team with Chris Bosh and LeBron himself, starting the “Big 3” era, this team made a lot of noise around its name. But what if instead of basketball we talk headwear for a minute?

The freshness of this Miami Heat Essential 59fifty is to blame on its essential design, hence its self explanatory name. The flaming ball brings back slang ways to show appreciation such as “hot” and “on fire”, that’s why this cap to my eyes has a meaning that goes beyond basketball.

New Era is not tripping on symbology like I just did, it’s too busy providing sport fans the official NBA headwear pieces they need. This 59fifty is the standard of fitted cap that this brand got you used to, leaving virtually no room for substitutes. With its slightly rounded visor and its stiff crown, this style of cap survived the test of time for decades. Is it hot enough for you?

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