New Era ● NE Script 59fifty

I know, you missed New Era caps here on The Maxiemillion. Last week was all about skateboard shoes so in order to be equal this will be a whole week of posts about caps. One cap a day keeps the doctor away. Nevermind. Welcome to the land of understated styles that make a statement, says New Era. As you can see this cap NE Script 59fifty on the head of Irene C has something to say to the world: “The cap the pros wear!”. I couldn’t have said it in a better way since New Era has being doing this for more than 90 years. It was exactely when this brand was celebrating its 90th birthday with New Era XC in Milan that I first saw the pattern that you see in the last picture here. It had graced the cover of New Era XC book. It goes without saying that this therefore is what you consider a classic design. This grey and white cap is perfect for any season. Not too dark to be worn during winter alone and not too bright to be worn exclusively during summer. Rock this with the outfit you want without worrying too much, be it basically blue or black. Be loud or be discreet: everything is allowed with this cap. A classic shape that you should recognize by now without even seeing the back of it, this is a fitted cap. That claim in the third picture is infact embroidered where you usually adjust your snapback. Tired of repping a baseball team that you don’t know anything about? Now you can finally rep a team that truly appeals to you, if among your passions there is one called “top of the line caps”.

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