New Era ● Original 59fifty DWR Dog Ear

Black on black caps are mad nice. I have a few and I never get tired of them. Think about it for a second: how can you get fed up with a New Era 59fifty of this timeless color variation?! You are making a tough statement everytime you dress in black. Black is ninjas color of choice. Black is the color of your tuxedo. Black is the sky at night. It will never be a pastel color, or a purple blow up or a neon colors meteor. It just expresses a simple elegance of its own that Jay Z knows very well. As you may have noticed winter is no joke, it has not to be taken lightly, especially if you live in mid/north Europe (not that Italy is like sunny California, let it be clear). New Era perfected here the original concept of an Original 59fifty DWR Dog Ear where DWR stands for Dog Ear Water Repellent and turned it into a Black on Black New York Yankees. The DWR version here is made of a polyester fabric that ensures durability, besides being water repellent. As you can see Rachele D is quick to give you the ABC of such a cap, here. First you open the velcro on top of it, then you pull the dog ears down and then you close the velcro. It’s easy like Michael told you back in the day. Keep those ears warm and your style intact, relying on a brand that never stopped dropping solutions for your outfits, no matter the season. Keep an eye on The Maxiemillion if you like New Era because stuff from next delivery just arrived and it’s remarkable.


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