New Era ● Phoenix Suns 9forty

I have an hard time believing that New Era can surprise me every time that I see one of its headwear pieces but… it’s like that. I deal with streetwear and sportswear on daily basis as you know but I’m always stoked in front of a cap. It’s my main passion and even if I reviewed New Era caps for years, this brand always finds a way to make me say “wow”.

Take this period we are in, where curved visors are hot once again. Headwear industry dived back into that golden age of sports where all the champs on the field had bent visors and round crowns. Well, in this throwback time, New Era picked a classic to live that period once again.

Among all the shapes available in New Era repertoire, today we feast our eyes on this Phoenix Suns 9forty worn by Corinne C. A little less known than its bigger brothers 9fifty and 59fifty, this cap looks great in any case. It’s a bit lighter than these last two styles and the basic logo on the front, together with the NBA logoman on its back, makes it a classic cap for die hard basketball fans. As you can see from the last picture we are dealing with a strapback, whose little bucket of raw metal makes it precious.

It’s not the first time that we see a 9forty here, you know I stay on point. Wanna know what makes this headwear piece shine? The fact that very rarely you see a Phoenix Suns cap and this is crucial for those that want to look unique.

Get lost browsing New Era website and you will get surprised as I am…

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