New Era ● Chicago White Sox Custom crewneck

There is a certain fascination related to vintage sportswear that new brands can’t have. You can be fresh all you want, create out of this world concepts and set new standards but nothing beats the feeling of history of certain teams. New Era knows better, being official licensee for MLB, NBA, NFL, NHL and more.

Here the goal is to put emphasis on a glorious past of an MLB team that you know very well. Chicago White Sox is the name and baseball is the game. This Chicago White Sox Custom crewneck represents a classic team but at the same time, pushed by the legacy of NWA, a lot of rap fans (like myself) first came in touch with this team through Eazy-E and Ice Cube. What makes this item special is its commemorative value, as you can see. The embroidery on the shoulder is here to represent the 75th anniversary of Comiskey Park, the stadium in Chicago founded in 1910 that was home for this team up to 1990.

This crewneck worn by Klaudia P is sportswear at its best: with solid embroideries and the back up of such a first class team, there is no better way to show your love for baseball. Wear it like you want and there is basically no way to make it look bad: from a casual sport attire to an hypebeast outfit where nothing is out of place to the last detail. This New Era crewneck with its retro fresh vibe is a sure shot. It’s just another example of what true passion for baseball together with a long tradition in sportswear can create. Get it here. Pictures courtesy of O’Graph

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