New Era ● Flecked Suede Cuff Knit beanie

We all know New Era as a worldwide lifestyle brand whose roots are firmly planted in sportswear terrain. But what if the sports factor becomes secondary and we put forward the lifestyle brand part?! I look at this brand from every angle so I could not miss the opportunity to make you look at this Flecked Suede Cuff beanie.

It’s the moment of the cozy feeling. Didn’t A$ap Mob dropped their Cozy Tapes a few weeks ago?! Harsh weather needs survival tactics to make you feel protected and warm like you are at home but without interfering with a top notch style. The knit technique is always a favorite when you want to separate the men from the boys.

Nothing to deal with those plain black beanies with a patch to become the clone of your best friend, the Flecked Suede Cuff Knit beanie lets you be an individual with taste. Its ribbed cuff with a suede patch is ready for next level matchings. Suede kicks of the same hazelnut shade of brown? Most definitely. The thread used for this beanie brings back that era from the past where your grandma was knitting you a beanie on her sofa, giving it to you for Christmas.

Even from the lifestyle angle that we checked today New Era knows how to create emotions with retro fresh headwear pieces like this one worn by Elena S. Just give a look to New Era website and you will find what you are looking for and we don’t talk caps only. From jackets to track suits this brand fits your lifestyle, sporty or not…

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