New Era – Miami Vibe Bucket + Jersey

What’s the time? Time to focus on Miami vibes. The first time we saw palm trees and sunsets printed on a New Era bucket goes back to last summer but the colors got a bit darker here. This brand went Magnum P.I. on these pieces as you can see. The unstoppable rise of the Hawaiian trend that was the trademark of the freshest private investigator in Miami didn’t leave this brand puzzled but rather pushed it even more to give us an astonishing result. The outcome is under our eyes as you can see from these pictures of Francesca C. Far from the Camo Pack Bucket that we first saw here in May 2013, the shape of this Miami Vibe Bucket is more urban and less fisherman, to put it simple. Its flat top shape is what hypebeasts all over the world are looking for. To complete the outfit we have the Miami Vibe Jersey and if the cap left you speechless, this jersey is about to blow your mind like its name was Gwen Stefani. Sublimated print of palm trees on this item are flawless and so are embroideries and labels strategically positioned where it counts. Who doesn’t want sportswear items that are designed with the club rather than the baseball diamond in mind? New Era is not new to this kind of crossover, bridging the gap among two styles that are getting closer and closer. Remember that baseball inspired outfit that I posted here not long ago? It’s all about the style and as you already know, New Era is the MVP in this field. Miami Vibe Player, that is… Pictures courtesy of O’Graph.

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