New Era – NY Yankees Diamond Era Pullover Hoodie + Jogger pants

If there is a brand that I kept on posting since the dawn of The Maxiemillion adventure, that is New Era. Through its tees, crewnecks but most of all headwear this brand kept on profiling here and there among my posts. Think about it: when you grew up watching endless live hip hop shows and events and you keep on seeing this brand on the head of your idols and friends you can’t do nothing but feel mad love for that little big New Era flag. This time I venture in an unexplored territory for me: a tracksuit. Calling things properly, today we are dealing with a NY Yankees Diamond Era Pullover Hoodie and Jogger pants. Does the name “Diamond Era” ring any bells? Born from sport slang where diamond stands for the baseball field, it’s the name that this brand used to define its technical mesh whose texture is composed by little squares in shape of diamonds that allows breathability. We saw a NY Yankees 59fifty made of this material, remember? Here in these pictures of Serenella M you can see how much attention has been put to make an outstanding tracksuit. Being active with it or just making it the freshest pajama to chill at home is your choice but I can assure that Diamond Era can easily withstand both situations. Let alone mixing and matching it with other garments: these joggers look real nice with the contrast panel where the pocket is and they would represent a valid alternative to what you usually wear on the bottom. I said “mad love” before for a reason… Pictures courtesy of Maurizio Milesi.

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