New Era ● NY Yankees Tonal Perf Original Fit 9fifty

You should know me by now: I’m what you should call an headwear fan. I follow with passion the ups and downs of the industry and if for the average man a cap is “just a cap” for me headwear is like mathematics: an exact science.

Today we venture inside New Era fit guide for this NY Yankees Tonal Perf Original Fit 9fifty because many of you may not be familiar with the “9fifty Original Fit” denomination so here we go: “It has a distinguished squared visor, tapered back panels for a superior fit and front panels with a higher, more abrupt curve”. All in all it seems like a perfect shape and these pictures of Veronica B are here to confirm it.

Beside the shape and its technical denomination, this New Era cap stands out for color and materials. How many times did you want to wear a white cap but you changed your mind because it gets dirty easily?! This time it’s different. Considering that you touch your cap mostly on the visor, the pairing of materials on this 9fifty is smart: you have a canvas part on the front of the crown while side panels and visor are made of eco leather. This means that you can wash it easily with a wet cloth. As far as how you should wear this Yankees cap, everything goes. All black with a white cap? All white everything? A delicate matching 90s style cap / sneakers? It’s up to you but basically it’s hard to go wrong with such a piece. Just avoid an LA Dodgers t-shirt and you are set! Pictures courtesy of O’Graph

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