New Era ● Oakland Raiders Border Edge Track Top

Not many items represent sportswear like a track jacket. You see many baseball caps, hoodies and crewnecks in what you can call everyday apparel but track jackets are related to sports way more. Enter the field, warm up with your extra layer on and by the time you are ready to give your best, you are only wearing t-shirt and shorts.

Never like before a proper urban outfit is an eclectic mix of high fashion, streetwear and sportswear so if you need a sprinkle of NFL in your outfit, New Era is here to give a helping hand. What you may have mistaken for a “headwear company” is actually a lifestyle brand that includes in its proposal a complete line of apparel ready for action.

The thing is that this item is really versatile. Picture yourself wearing it and you can’t go wrong, no matter if you are into sports or if you listen to Slayer (Jeff Hanneman was a huge Raiders fan), if you are into gangster rap or if you simply want a sportswear piece for a fresh outfit: this piece is for all the above. This is New Era strength: the brand that wants you to fly your own flag, never wished to turn you into something that you are not.

This Oakland Raiders Border Edge Track Top has a piquet craftsmanship that looks great in this color block style, especially if you consider that these three colors are the ones we wear the most. So this time it’s not a matter of “real men wear black” but rather “real Raiders fans wear their track jacket”.
Styling by Young Ida.
Photos courtesy of Ema Nema.

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