New Era – Premium Neue Luxx Crewneck + Stretch Stripe Patch Neue Luxx 39thirty cap

I warned you a few weeks ago on Facebook: there is this seasonal drop by New Era called Neue Luxx that is giving a new edge to sportswear. With all those modern influences coming from music and high fashion runways, to create a capsule inspired by urban luxe for New Era was was an opportunity not to be missed. Neue Luxx pays homage to classic gothic. This means Bauhaus. If, quoting the manifesto of this movement written by Walter Gropius, that school was about “a new way of seeing and understanding the composite character of the building, both as a totality and in terms of its parts” we can do the same here with this outfit worn by Jessica T. A return to the essential in a combination where the cap needs the crewneck just like the painter needs the architect, so to speak. How could Premium Neue Luxx Crewneck go without Stretch Stripe Patch Neue Luxx 39thirty cap? What would that rose gold of the zipper mean without the cap to match it? This crewneck blends cotton and chenille in a 3d craftsmanship that is all but loud. Discreet and closer to couture rather than to baseball diamond, this is the strong piece that you need in that special “all black everything” outfit. As far as the cap it’s very similar to that Herringbone 39thirty that we saw here last January but its visor made of suede and striped fabric sticks to the urban luxe formula. Considering how curved visor are picking up day by day with this “dad caps” throwback, how can you miss all this?! Pictures courtesy of Pentaprism.Intuition

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