New Era – Sorry I’m Old Skool 59fifty

I don’t feel like showing up in my blog all the time. I do it very rarely, I prefer to show other people on my blog, since I have a Facebook if I want to post my pictures, isn’t it?! In this case I felt like I was compelled to pose for this New Era cap: I’m the only old schoool dude I know that may be down for this mission. This Sorry I’m Old School 59fifty made of denim has a message that I feel like I can represent properly. My love for streetwear and counterculture goes back to my 16 years. Look at my face and you can tell that those days passed a long time ago. What is old school? Who is old school? Everything is relative and considering that my face is up in this post, I don’t want to waste my time teaching or preaching. M.O.P. may be old school to you, but to me they are not. Grandmaster Flash is! Some people are obsessed with freshness while others enjoy the confort of solid values that are built with time. I try to keep an eye on new and the other on old, without stressing too much but at the same time the hourglass tells me that, no matter how I dress or what I listen to… I am old school. This denim fitted cap has been love at first sight (ask my people at Probeat Agency my reaction when I first saw it). The proper way to wear it is simple: no other denim piece beside this. Rock your chino pants like a proper old school cat can do. Pictures courtesy of O’Graph.


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