New Era – Sorry I’m Outta Space 9fifty snapback + Visor Sticker t-shirt

I am not gonna lie: sometimes, here and there, I love to be in outer space. I feel invincible, a supreme being that watches the planet Earth from far away, thinking how small and insignificant are human beings issues. How do I get there? Flying, of course! Then, when I come back on this planet doing my blogger duties, I realize how great that sensation is so I feel like telling everybody about my unique sensorial perception. No better way than this New Era cap that Alessia A is wearing called Sorry I’m Outta Space 9fifty. Especially if you want to make the message stronger pairing this 9fifty with a matching t-shirt like that PS Visor Sticker tee. Are you a loyal reader of The Maxiemillion? Then you may remember the post about Pitti Uomo that I wrote last January. It was then in that occasion that I first saw this cap. Its sublimated print, together with its funny message, captured my attention exactly like these pictures are capturing yours. We even saw the Visor Sticker tee way back, but never before with this supercool dotted pattern. As far as materials, the colorful crown is made of polyester while this black visor is 100% cotton. I hope you don’t get mad at me for flying out of the atmosphere sometimes, that’s why I’m saying sorry to you all in a 3d embroidery on such a masterpiece cap. Be a loyal follower and don’t hate: I have a couple more surprises from New Era that will make you want to fly (your own flag).

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