New Era – Los Angeles Dodgers Hex 9fifty

Have you ever thought about how Europeans perceive New Era caps? For us it’s not a matter of baseball, but merely a representation of the city. Are you a die hard real hip hop fan? You will mostly wear New York Yankees cap. It’s not by accident that Jay Z rapped “Sh*t, I made the Yankee hat more famous than a Yankee can” in Empire State of Mind. But for those of us that keep it mellow and love a laid back lifestyle made of sun, g-funk, nice cars and palm trees (not to mention other trees…) you would better represent the West Coast and its mecca: Los Angeles. Which side are you on? LA or NY? LA all day or NY till I die? I always say that West is the best but at the same time I can’t forget the impact and the energy of the people from New York. All this friendly talk because I reviewed caps by New Era to no end but I never took the time to write this and it is so true. Like it’s true that this Los Angeles Dodgers Hex 9fifty is similar to none of those that we already saw. The snapback style that you love the most just got better. The visor is made by this material with little hexagons that is all but deja vu. Valentina Z makes it look real good and considering its black & grey two tone color combination it shouldn’t be a big deal to wear this cap properly. Just don’t wear it in the wrong city, when in the US… Pictures courtesy of Maurizio Milesi.

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