New Balance ● 574 Vintage Japan Classic

“You wanna diss the Phifer but you still don’t know the half/I sport New Balance sneakers to avoid a narrow path” was a rhyme in Phife Dawg book If you are an original hip hop cat, you were listening the same tapes and vinyls over and over and lyrics weren’t revolving around the same topics. If Phife Dawg sneaked in one of his rhymes in 1991 the brand New Balance as I just told you, the reason probably can be summed in one word: excellence. New Balance was and still is the choice of those that think out the box, demand quality and ask for originality as a starting point. A sneaker conception like no other, the 574 Vintage Japan Classic that you see here in the hands of Arianna B is one of the four colorways available of this model. The main feature here is called comfort: a lightweight shoe that wraps your feet giving you a stable sensation that only New Balance fans know. This 574 made of suede and mesh borrowed his design from the 576 that looks very similar. The one in front of us is an ideal shoe to look good in an all American outfit. Navy blue, red and white are quite Uncle Sam friendly and that grey counter on the heel is ready to match all your heather grey hoodies with street finesse. The Boston based shoe company that started his long path in 1906 is still strong to this very day and this sneaker is further proof: style and function never looked this good together.

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