“On the beach truck, stuck with Hawaiian ice/diamond twice the whole city thought I bought FUBU” (Ghostface Killah)

I told you several times that bucket hats are blowing up, right? If you tried to ignore what I said and you sticked to the usual style of headwear that you are used to, good for you but I know you may think twice now. It’s August aka holiday time and you sure don’t want to look sloppy with that old cap of yours. New Era came to rescue here, once again. There are a bunch of possibilities when it’s time to pick a bucket hat and in general you have to think about three factors: shape, pattern and fabric. The shape depends a lot on your personal taste but you also have to consider the dimensions of your head. Usually for small heads like in the case of our friend Anna B is suitable to have a shorter visor. Patterns are endless as you may easily understand and basically you don’t have to worry about it: the louder, the better. The fabric has to be light and possibly 100% cotton like in the case of this All Over Island Bucket. Part of the pack that was released last spring that we had the chance to see here already, this is the piece that scream “wild out” the most. With its accurate vintage hawaiian print of flowers and palm trees, nobody is safe once you are in the place. Nothing new: haters gonna hate but lovers (of fine headwear with the best quality) gonna love. This rule applies for any New Era cap in any season, not only for this one…

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