New Era ● Broken Lomo

When was the last time that we saw a New Era t-shirt? I remember very well: it was a New Era City Flag with an ultra detailed New York skyline, realized in Plastisol. This time we are dealing with a whole different technique. Not a plastic based print but a screen printing that represents the field of excellence of New Era: colors. Colors, colors, like Ice T made a comeback on the microphone. Did you ever realized it? No other company is able to give you all the colors that New Era has in stock. Alessia A is wearing for our visual pleasure this Broken Lomo t-shirt today. A broken lomo gives you a distorted image when you take pictures, with different saturation of colors but I’m pretty sure that this t-shirt is not about a proper representation of these bins of colors but more about the outcoming sensation. During the summer nothing is nicer than a splash of color on a white t-shirt, especially if it’s a New Era one. So in order to rock this with a proper style you just have to bring your positivity and your happiness, no matter what you wear with it. Very simple. There is nothing to avoid (maybe a pair of black pants) in your outfit to look good with it. From the street to the beach, from city life to outdoor scooter cruises, there is no place safe from the easy appeal of this t-shirt that inspires nothing but a serious good time. Show your allegiance to the New Era flag: the Broken Lomo tee is your ally.

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