New Era ● City Flag t-shirt

Where was New Era born? Buffalo, NY. What’s the capital of New York state? New York city. Which city is portrayed “between the lines” on this New Era City Flag Tee? New York. This may be enough but believe me that this brand owes a lot more to the city that never sleeps. New York Yankees is New Era best seller, no matter if you are talking about 9fifty, 59fifty or 39thirty. Those N and Y crossed are synonimous with progress and avant garde. Maybe people are impressed by decades of movies and tv series about this unique city. Tell them its name and they will have flash images of the Statue of Liberty, yellow taxis filling the avenues and Campbell soups cans as artistic elements. Let’s not forget that rap was born in Gotham. How about a bit of all this?! What Kourtney AR is wearing today is the skyline of the Big Apple around Crysler Building. This t-shirt is resistant to any abuse with a print that won’t come off easily. Plastisol is not only strong but allows a detailed resolution that makes possible what you see in the fourth picture. This logo is synonimous with love to many New Era fans and here you kill two birds with a stone: you have it on the front and on your left shoulder. Do you see the first picture? It’s embroidered and very little, exactely like the one that is on the left side of your favourite cap. Rep your flag with pride: New Era fans around the globe can’t wait to meet you and smile at your tee.

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