“Jokers are wild, if you wanna be tamed/I treat you like a child, then you’re gonna be named” (Rakim)

You should know by now that my passion is to pick up golden age hip hop quotes as titles of my posts. If this was a hippie influenced post otherwise, the title today to introduce you this New Era 9fifty would have been “I’m a joker I’m a smoker I’m a midnight toker/I get my lovin’ on the run” (Steve Miller).

Who doesn’t think that Joker is an entertaining character in Batman saga?! The arch nemesis of the dark knight that keeps Gotham city in check is funny but my favorite nemesis is the Riddler. My titles of the posts are actually inspired by him. The superficial reader may find them crazy (or better yet ill) but there is always a reason for these titles to be there.

I’m not giving explanations though, this is my art and if you get it I’m happy for real, otherwise it’s always better than a cold title that says New Era Hero Joker Fade 9fifty snapback. Not that New Era Hero Joker Fade 9fifty snapback is a bad title let me be clear, but it just doesn’t fit the style of this blog.

Today I’m showing you a 9fifty that is beyond technicolor, beyond cmyk. The vivid colors of the snapback that Afra G is wearing are making a statement that says: fly your own flag, no matter its colors. Sorry to New Era Italy if this review is out of the ordinary too much, I’m only joking. I promise I’ll get my mind right when I will review the next New Era cap.

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