New Era ● Los Angeles Dodgers MLB Sub Out 59fifty

Are you aware of the fact that Los Angeles is second only to New York if we talk about New Era caps sold? New York has the crown but Los Angeles is the town. I don’t disrespect, nor I don’t recognize the enormous influence that New York has always had in every contemporary niche of mainstream and underground cultures. I visited both and let me tell you: I won’t trade an LA tour in a 64 Impala for a yellow cab ride among the greatest skyscrapers of the world for any reason. My taste doesn’t have to be yours, but this cap surely can. Los Angeles Dodgers MLB Sub Out 59fifty is its name. It truly is a genius concept to put together classic herringbone with neon yellow and for this let me take my… hat off. The fitted cap that Clarissa T is wearing today is one of the lifestyle versions of the classic sporty cap that is around for more than 90 years now. Same crown, same visor, different colors and fabric. This one is lighter and it’s made of polyester, a fabric that allow a better sublimated print of the herringbone pattern that you see. As far as liking or not this shade of neon yellow my suggestion may be summed in two words: be brave. Put together a brilliant outfit like an all black with a couple of neon touches or even try to mix this in a pastel colored outfit and this cap will be the cherry on top (everywhere but in New York).

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