“For real, Shaolin, house of whylin’, house medallion/peace to cats profiling on the island” (Raekwon)

Did you hear about the recent Island pack by New Era? I know, I should have told you before about such an interesting capsule but there were too many New Era caps piling up in my lab and I had no time to do so up to now. Back to us, the question is quite simple: how could this headwear heavyweight stay away from such a joyful vintage trend?. I didn’t use the word vintage by accident as Hawaiian patterns are not new to casual wear: first shirts of this style to leave Hawaii to land in the continental US of A go back to late 50s. We had a Magnum PI in the meantime, during the 80s, before you can call this trend that goes hard in 2014 the Hawaiian renaissance. I am happy to see this funny throwback. I’m even happier that New Era for this New York Yankees Island Visor Strapback 9fifty kept the impact of the original designs and made it meet modern standards with this state of the art 9fifty. This cap on the head of Vivien M is proof of the level that this brand reached with such a capsule. The fabric that was once used to craft the so called Aloha shirts now meets a so fresh and so clean chambray in order to give new emotions on what can be considered an American classic by now. This 9fifty also has a closure with a little brass buckle that makes it precious, as you can see from the fourth picture. Yes, I know: how can one resist and not want all New Era caps?!

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