New Era ● New York Yankees Pattern’d Up Dog Ear 59Fifty

Happy new gear… I mean, happy new year my beloved readers! You know I do this for the culture, like the Madd Producer. Street culture that is. If there is a thing that any true New Era fan with a bit of culture should know is that this is the perfect period of the year where you bring out your dog ears caps. Just in case you are missing this concept, go to check the last time I posted a New Era 59fifty dog ears in January 2013. This time we are dealing with New York Yankees Pattern’d Up Dog Ear 59Fifty. If the other one had a more toned down style, here the cap that Laura S is wearing is shining with a colorful jacquard pattern. Winter can and it has to be fun and this is a way to get to this level of happiness that we are talking about. What is special about this version is that even when the dog ears are up on the crown and they don’t cover your ears, you can still see some bright colors. Beside the looks this kind of cap is like a massage to your ears, the most pleasant sensation ever when the world is freezing and you don’t. Some people use these even when snowboarding and I gotta say that I don’t see anything wrong with it. Shred in the mountains or chill in the city, no matter where you are in the world, if you see somebody that is down with the culture (street culture that is) he will think that you started the year with the best style ever.

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