“I want to see which posse can dance the best/it should be easy ’cause the beat is fresh” (Rakim)

While New Era is already on the next move, dropping caps with claims like “Sorry I’m Old School / Punk / Hip Hop / Classic”, I took a minute to shoot this Sorry I am Fresh 59fifty. The concept of being fresh is strictly related to hip hop culture; this time New Era indulged in some fun rather than represent some sport team. The single “Fresh” by the Fresh 3 MCs goes back to 1983, only to be brought back in 1994 as the fourth track in the soundtrack of a movie that goes by the same name. While decades passed, hip hop fans changed in a lot of ways but the desire to be the best (in hip hop slang: to be the king) keeps the “fresh” concept relevant in a bragging perspective. Of all the zillion caps with this 3d embroidery that I have seen in any possible color variation, from camouflage to neon colors, this… is the king! A fitted cap made of chambray like this on the head of Elisa G is a must for those that through the years passed from yellow to black belt in style issues. That cardinal red is very strong on a discreet chambray and the way these colors mix on a cap is eye catching. This means that everybody has to know that you are fresh and they are not. Feel free to comment below if you find a “fresher” style of this cap but in the meantime feel free to cop this 59fifty on New Era website or at one of the flagship stores all over the planet (or you will feel sorry).

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