“You won’t find a b***h that’s even bett-ah/I make it hot as Las Vegas weath-ah” (Missy Elliott)

Forget your Yankees fitted, leave that Dodgers cap in the closet, here we are venturing deeply in New Era unexplored areas.

These teams that I just mentioned are obviously the tip of the iceberg of all the sport caps manufactured and distributed worldwide by this brand. But New Era is a true supporter of American field sports and this in our case means that even UNLV has its own 59fifty fitted cap.

Am I talking to myself? Ok, UNLV stands for University of Nevada Las Vegas and this piece is something that sports fans of teams from such University rock to show their love and support. National Collegiate Athletic Association is the organization that UNLV is part of while the team is called Running Rebels.

The character on the crown of this 59fifty is called Hey Reb! and judging from his mustaches he seems to know what the deal is about. You may not know a thing about all this but at the end of the day what matters is what you love and I’m sure there is more than a reason to love this cap.

Hey Reb! is one of them and if you add the combination of colors with that contrast Safari visor, you know that here on the head of Sara M you’re looking at a fly cap. To top all this you can think about how many times you have seen a New Era cap around and how iconic is the fitted cap known as New Era 59fifty and I’m pretty sure that now you want to join the Running Rebels army of fans.

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