NFL ● Washington Redskins bomber

Retro sportswear fever can’t be stopped. It’s the power of sport heroes that represents a timeless juxtaposition to these digital times. What’s more real than American football players sweating and fighting to win? Not another Instagram post, that’s for sure.

Bengy & Company couldn’t agree more, that’s why the Italian unit operating with licenses such as Starter Black Label among others, decided to acquire NFL license as well. So in order to have a style that stands out what you should do is to have a smart sense of mix, where you blend streetwear brands with sporty items like this Washington Redskins bomber.

What a classic jacket! It tells straight up sport tales but also music dreams of 90s hip hop, where from Kriss Kross to Public Enemy everybody was rocking NFL jackets. Its value goes beyond sport, representing a whole generation born in the past but more contemporary then ever.

You had Anthrax metal banging on stage telling you to “cry for the Indians” rather than Tony Touch telling you that he was a “taino Indian, welcome to my teepee”. American culture is heavily influenced by Native Americans that somehow influenced even the name of this American Football team now based in Ashburn, Virginia.

This bomber in the true tradition of NFL merchandising has the logo of the team embroidered on the chest but shows also a bright logo of this League on the shoulder.

This lightweight jacket is perfect for transitional moments among two seasons like we are having now, being quilted on the inside but not too heavy. Look closely and in its lining there is also space for a zipper pocket that seems perfect to carry your smartphone or your wallet.

Of course ribbed striped cuffs and hem couldn’t miss from this men’s item that I made Elena S wear in a mood like she stole it from her boyfriend. You’d better not to stole it: get in touch with Bengy & Company and ask them where the nearest store where you can buy their NFL jackets is…

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