Nitro Bags ● Aerial Ponderosa

City life and backpacks: can one exist without the other? At Nitro Bags they know the answer. It’s written between the lines in their website, full of solutions for all your needs. Small, medium or large, this brand has all the backpacks for every situation.

After we checked recently the squared design of the Backwoods Navy we go back to a more round shape, slightly similar to that Stash that we saw here last February.

The basic features of an average backpack have been far exceeded. If you usually have a padded pocket for your laptop, here you even have one more, for your iPad. The inside organizer has been designed in a way where all your little objects, from a lighter to a marker or your USB key can find their place.

Beside the top pocket lined in plush so that your sunglasses won’t get scratched, you have two long pockets on the sides, where Martina C put her portable speaker and her steel bottle of water.

Its straps allow easily to carry a skateboard if you feel like and your keys may be hooked inside the central pocket so that you don’t have to go crazy to find them.

Carrying up to 27 liters of capacity, the Aerial Ponderosa has those large shoulder straps that allow you to carry easily this backpack, whose material is design to resist to the challenge of time. Bring your backpack with you everywhere you go: its destiny is to become your daily ally and you won’t leave your house without it.

Cop it online on Nitro Bags website and look well: there is even another colorway for you to discover…

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