Nitro Bags ● Stash Black Checker

Nitro Bags design lab is working hard. After all these years where a backpack was just something where you put all your belongings, now it has to become a life companion. Nitro Distribution has a Nitro Bag for all your missions, from the school to the playground and everything in between.

To enjoy all your activities, you must have a functional backpack but why should you sacrifice your style?! Stash Black Checker is here to perform at its best, like you can see from these pictures of Federica F. As you can easily understand from its name there are plenty of pockets at your disposal, where you can put all your belongings at their place, without worries. If your laptop has to always be with you, here inside you have a padded pocket that you can close with a velcro to keep it secure

Do you pick up your backpack in the morning only to come back home at night? Put your sandwich or a cold can in the thermic front pocket. Little organizer pockets and a zipper mesh separate all your belongings with logic, so you don’t have to go crazy every time you look for something.

Rip proof and waterproof are also two of its features not to take lightly and same for cursors of the shoulder straps. You can clip the front straps when you wear it and move the clips to give it a comfortable fit, according to the pockets of your jacket. This Black checker colorway is just too nice but there are plenty more in the Street/School section of Nitro Bags website.

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