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Nitro Bags is here to make a statement: not all bags are created equal. When you are a kid you just want the bag that you see at school but when you grow up you realize two things: there are too many situations to own just one bag is the first. The second is that the bag you hold on your back speaks about you.

You may go at your friend studio for the afternoon and in that case you just bring your computer with you but you can also spend a weekend away and in that case you may need way more objects: clothing, items for your personal hygiene, chargers, earpods… I showed you quite a few Nitro Bags already that may be useful for the second example.

For what concerns the first, we have Urban Classic Paradise today. A backpack with 20 liters capacity for an everyday use, this item here worn by Silvia D is the perfect commuter bag where you bring with you your vital objects and nothing much.

Stash them in the front pocket so it’s easy to find then on the go. If we are talking about your laptop, you can put it in the inside pocket and feel assured by the thick padding on both sides.

Now, back to what I wrote above, do you want your backpack to say bad things about you? Let it tell the world how easy going is your life. Give signs of a chill individual just like Silvia D in these pictures: tell exotic tales of parrots, hummingbirds and flowers to those around you.

The uber resistant ballistic nylon of this backpack gets along nicely with its vegan leather zipper pulls, making pass once again the message that Nitro Bags, qualitatively speaking, is at a very high level.

Peep more bags on Nitro website and feel free to get in touch with Nitro Distribution about this matter, if you own just one backpack…
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Photos courtesy of Ema/Nema photo

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