Nitro Bags ● Weekender Golden Mud

Never like in these last seasons the general focus has been so heavily on backpacks. From skate brands, to lifestyle brands to… “luggage only” brands, everybody is giving it a go. Nitro Bags, that we have under the spotlight today, is the one with the highest quality price rate.

This Weekender style, here shown on the shoulders of Elena S in its Golden Mud colorway, is a compromise among the backpack that you carry with you daily and a “mini luggage” as far as its dimensions. As the name suggests you have the chance to carry with you all that you neeed for a few days away.

The key of this backpack is the mix of its traditional look with current features: two pockets on the sides, an organizer made of neoprene inside one of the front pockets, a net pocket to keep everything in place and of course a computer holder for your laptop. Don’t pull out those two buckles the straps on the front: it’s a trompe l’oeil, the central pocket opens up with a zipper in the back.

An item with 42 liters capacity, beside its many big and small pockets, you also have cursors on the clips of the shoulder straps, in order to locate them in a way that doesn’t interphere with your jacket. This feature was also available on the Stash Black Checker that we saw here not long ago.

To deal with Nitro Bags you have to get in touch with Nitro Distribution and you will see: once you put this big boy on your shoulders, organizing a weekend off is next…

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