Nitro Bags – Chase California

Nitro Bags claim is “Built for individuals” and from the look of this backpack it couldn’t be more appropriate. This brand developed a range thinking of your needs, no matter if we are talking about style or capacity. Nitro created four different sections in its collection: Street / School, Urban, Adventure and Travel / Sports to provide you the best bag for what you have in mind. You may need a small backpack to carry around your laptop and a few objects in the city to keep them handy like when we checked here the NYC. Or a bigger one with a cooler pocket like the Stash if your backpack is your companion even during lunch break. Then last summer we had the chance to see a Chase backpack like this one. Big, with plenty of pockets to organize your belongings and comfortable to carry but I knew that this luggage item could be more flamboyant than the royal blue and orange one that we saw the first time. This Chase on the shoulders of Silvia M in its California colorway is for individuals that love to live life to the fullest and want everybody to know. How could it be otherwise with such a print that tells tales of sun and fun?! Carry your much valuable laptop in the padded pocket, put your chargers in the front organizer pocket, secure your skateboard with the top strap and since you are skating put a bottle of water in the net pocket on the side. Nitro Distribution deals in this brand for all the Italian individuals, you included. Pictures courtesy of Pentaprism.Intuition.

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