Nitro Bags – Hero Gunmetal

Isn’t your holiday plan getting shape now that summertime is almost here? At Nitro Bags they have any kind of luggage that you may be interested in from big sport bags to small urban backpacks, so no matter what your project for the Summer is, they got you covered. I showed you in the past some other backpack by this same brand, remember? Today we are checking the Hero, the large backpack that together with the Bandit and the Lock has a capacity of 37 l. What makes this backpack stand out beside its dimensions is the possibility to organize everything in its place, considering the number of big and small pockets available. Are you a skateboarder? Feel free to secure your deck to the skateboard strap on top. Do you keep on switching sunglasses? There is a pocket that is all lined in fleece if you open the top zipper, beside the one where you see the glasses in these pictures. Do you have more stuff to keep handy? There is a net pocket on one side and a zipper pocket on the other side. The most important possession of your digital world, your laptop, is very welcomed. Its padded pocket measures 17″ and it’s secured by a velcro strap. There are 12 more colorways of this backpack but the Gunmetal that you see here on the shoulders of Ylenia G is the most discreet. Ask your favorite shop and if he has no Nitro Bags in stock tell him to get in touch with Nitro Distribution. The Hero can’t wait to leave on holiday, how about you? Pictures courtesy of O’Graph.

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