Nitro Bags – NYC

I told you already that grown up people have more than one bag. I really mean it as today we are checking out another backpack by Nitro Bags that is very different from those that we saw here already. Ready for city life, NYC backpack has a clean style, destined to an everyday use. When all you have to carry are your personal items such as a laptop not bigger than 15″, a tablet, a couple of magazines and a windbreaker, just in case it gets rainy during the day, you don’t need a huge bag. This allows shoulder straps to be smaller even if padded. The volume of this backpack on the shoulders of Nadia R is 24 liters so this represents a slim solution to carry around your survival kit. On subject of tools that always gotta be handy in your life, you can even carry your skateboard with those straps. The little squared patch in the middle (someone call him “lashing square”) is there to hang your carabineer or your keychain, in case you didn’t knew. The fabric is thick washed canvas here shown in its Gunmetal colorway, but there is also a Smoke version. This model belongs to the Urban serie of Nitro Bags, a small section of their collection that beside being functional is also made with fabrics that can get along easily with a dressy style. There are plenty of colorful backpacks too at Nitro Bags, don’t worry. Just make sure that your shop is already connected with Nitro Distribution if it’s interested in innovative luggage that doesn’t lack in style.

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