“He never have a platinum hit/he on that underground backpack rappin’ sh*t” (Buckshot)

Ok, you got blinded by the looks so you spent all your savings on a galaxy sublimated print backpack. That piece looked good but it’s small, it has no pockets and the stitchings are not so solid, isn’t it?! Fortunately you have Nitro by your side so we will pick up a brilliant solution from this brand in form of backpack. Not the big rucksack that you put on your shoulders to go on holiday but rather the companion for every move you make and every step you take and, this Chase will be watching your back. First and foremost yes, you have that much needed padded 17″ laptop pocket. Your life depends on your digital identity and a brand that knows life on the road like Nitro won’t forget it for sure. Beside this, the Chase has a lot of pockets for everything that may give a better level of quality to your life. No matter if we are talking about car keys, memory cards, usb keys, sunglasses, smartphone, camera and why not, even a little bottle of water is handy if you put it in the side mesh pocket. The back is padded and made of breathable mesh and yes again, you can even carry your skateboard with that strap. This brand reputation is strong in the snowboard scene but Nitro Bags has easily gained a large street credibility: 20 plus models of bags in about 30 colors each are no joke. Just give that galaxy backpack that we talked about to your younger brother and get a Chase backpack through Nitro Distribution, do yourself a favor…

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