Nixon ● The TPS speaker

If you are an avid reader of all the blogs that matter, you have seen this item before. The difference, as I stated more than once, is that I use original material because to me press relases are cold and flat, the real deal is to touch and feel. Nixon agreed with my way of thinking so they sent over The TPS, their last collaboration with Plan B skateboards. This is what you get when Paul Rodriguez, Colin McKay, Danny Way, Torey Pudwill and Ryan Sheckler lend their signature to more than a Plan B deck and to Plan B wheels but also to this speaker. Here shown in the hand of Rachele D is the P-Rod colourway, since each pro has his own kit of the same color. Gone are the days of rolled up pants and boombox at the last stair of the handrail that you are skating, packlight is the keyword here. 398 grams covered in skater proof aluminium with a brilliant integrated cable storage system are ready to enter your Nixon backpack when you go to conquer a spot.Loud & clear sound like Kid Capri just dropped a beat for The Lost Boyz, this is your ultimate street stereo equipment. Mp3 players and smartphones nowadays are full of music that you can’t wait to blast, right? The TPS is a portable stereo speaker system that you just connect to those and the fun begins. If you think this is not enough, you can expand one speaker and just link your friend’s TPS to the one you have and this means that the spot where you roll on is about to get a true boombastic treatment. Charge it for one hour via USB socket and you will have up to six hours of music ready to help you out with that ledge combo that seems hard to land, my skateboarder friend. The power of excellence is here now, thanks to Nixon.

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