No bullsh*t: serious disco ball wreckin!

You’ve been at the Back 2 back party and you’re still not wearing Lobster? Oh, you ate a lobster this weekend and you thought you’re a winner? Lobster is not for weekend warriors, it’s for lifestyle addicted. Those who life life to tha fullest. Graff artists, mic wreckers, electro fiends, cocktail homies and no fashion victims are all invited to join. This brand smells of concrete while your “new company of the year” logo hoodie smells of crap. Corporate companies may drop zillion of products but I dare you to look at all the labels on the gear you bought from some American company and find one that doesn’t have almond eyes. I have nothing against China, but believe me when I say that this sweather has supernatural powers: once you wear it you’ll hear mandolins like Captain Corelli was around you, you’ll feel leaning like the tower of Pisa (to enhance that effect a couple of drinks won’t be bad…) and you’ll feel romantic like you’re around Venice with your girl. Why? This sweater born from the hand of Cento is made in Italy, ladies and gents. Yessir, fatto in Italia. I’m more than stoked on this and I wanted you to know. It’s funny, fresh and it’s a product of my environment. It’s Lobster and of course I’m down with it!

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