No matter the coast, Estevan got the style that rocks the most.

To keep things in motion must be Estevan Oriol motto. I just can’t keep track of him, he’s always into something. Like I get a tee shirt on saturday afternoon and on saturday night I see his work on the latest Frank 151. Well done. Who can rep LA like he does?! Even the East Coast is feeling him, let alone the Japanese fans, increasing day by day in their utmost respect of the low rider culture and the cholo lifestyle. A man that can claim to be the “stylist” of the characters of GTA San Andreas, one of the best selling Playstation games (and one of the most accurate in detail ever). A strong individual like him can get even stronger when tag teaming with Mr Cartoon in a venture called SA studios, whose works include from a Nike Sportswear Air Force 1 x Livestrong in a cholo version, to a Sen Dog and Mellow Man Ace video clip direction. No one else could take the LA Dodgers colours and work successful with these in order to put his Mida touch over a classic as the Upper Playground walrus. The basic form of this item allows you to make it fit your life. No matter if you’re a tall Norvegian guy or a round homie from a Mexican barrio: you love it. As far as Estevan pics on Frank 151, they just blend in an issue that revolves around naked women and lust like only Frank and his decadent touch can do. The little book still has a flavour that is hard to imitate, so raw yet so accurate in the development of the themes they pick. This one is a sure shot. I mean, who doesn’t like erotic images and tough attitude?! Estevan Oriol sure does.

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