“Now I’m back to funk, freak the funk/hype the funk, swipe the funk and all that junk” (Ultramagnetic MCs)

There is so much to write about these tees that I doubt there will be any space left for my “personal touch” or call it “Maxiemillion funny sh*t”. Take an amusement park called New World in Singapore that is synomymous with groundbreaking fun. Take four artists that call themselves Phunk studio, born and raised in Singapore that work together with a rock band ethic, like people building concepts together, helping each other with the only goal to draw something iconic. If they are nostalgic for a minute they may apply their skills to their childhood memories of New World park and what you have as a result are the above tee shirts. Birds of prey, Big boys don’t cry, Slippery when wet and Monsieur Gainsbourg are their names. These are the designs of Upper Playground Phunk Studio Capsule collection. Of course Upper Playground has got the best of these designers that seem to be hot stuff today. Everybody is on Phunk studio “Do you want me to work for you, sir?” list. From Kanye West to Casio G Shock, from Levi’s to HBO. What comes out immediately from the first words of their interview is their conscious approach to life: they are part of a global culture and they feel great about it. Wait a minute, we got rid of all the stuff to say, so there is some space left for my personal touch! How many of you know Serge Gainsbourg? The number one French singer had a “I don’t give a f*ck” attitude, experimented all musical styles and most of all had a great voice and personality. You can ask any French guy if he knows a Serge Gainsbourg song by heart and he will sing you one. Same if you ask to play a relevant song of him to any guitar player. He truly embodies the rebel heart that this blog is all about. A sensible human being, tempted by what was up for grabs in Paris by a character of his status: easy women, alcohol and Gitane cigarettes. Gainsbourg did his thing with style and he never read a blog in his life. Is it possible that to have style is not related to the tee shirt you wear?


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