“Now turn it up, turn it up (a little louder)/turn it uuuuup, turn it up (little louder)” (Kanye West))

HB3. It ain’t easy like 123. Or better yet it is, but the first time you hear about it you’re like “what?!”. What do you keep with you everytime you go out? My experience told me that the basic kit to carry is always the following: keys, wallet, phone and lighter. Can’t go wrong with this. Let’s imagine for a second that your friend sends you a text that goes like: “I’m stuck at work, I am at least 30 minutes late, sorry about this, mayne”. Since that night you were supposed to go out with your friend car, you walked up to his crib and so now you ask yourself what can you do in those 30 minutes? HB3 comes to rescue you. A jack in your pocket, connected to your phone, can entertain you with your music coming through hidden earbuds at the ends of the cord of your hidden hoodie. No need to hide if your item has that stamp of approval on the zipper, by the way. You are right, since you’re a loyal reader of The Maxiemillion, you recognized it: it’s 2 Tone once again. You bet: it’s a TLFI item. A Prophet, that’s the name of this jacket (it looks too good just to call it a windbreaker) that will turn anybody wearing it into a modern high tech MacGyver, with wizardry that turns any dull moment into musical frenzy. HB3 is the name of the technology that has wires and earbuds incorporated in your jacket that you can actually wash at low temperatures in a washing machine. Welcome to the future is what you feel like saying, isn’t it? You are touching it by hand now. If you don’t wanna touch and you just want to look, this looks fantastic. That blue is ready to meet your Dodgers cap and that shoulder strap that you can peep closely in the second picture, looks too good to ignore it. Survival in the urban jungle, that’s the case here. To look good 360 degrees, being on point in every situation. Born in LA, one of the worldwide crucial centres of this urban scene that is our everyday scenario, this item surely can’t lack in style. Ready to take any (and I said any) test that you can put it to, you don’t need a prophet to tell you that A Prophet will increase your appeal and will do miracles for other people smiles of appreciation.

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