Now you thought I was just 7-7-0, and 4-0-4? I’m worldwide, b**ch act like y’all know (Ludacris)

To pick up designs from Upper Playground is like to be in love with surfing, go to Bali and try to choose the best wave to surf. My materialistic luv for sneakers would take me to pick Shoe boxes. But I’m stoked on drawings more than on concept sometimes, so my choice may be the unmistakable Walrus Skull by Munk One with the script lettering and the design of our friend the Walrus that almost comes alive. But then again, for those times where you just want to match striking colours, the Grape drink on top is perfect. I may not feel Hort Eyes, the eyes that activate your guts, but the white v neck tee with a print in those colours to cop now that is almost spring is just a thing to do without the option a second choice. We’re slowly getting to the point: being 100% Italian I should be down with The 500 (read chin-kwe-chen-to) which I totally could, because Jeremy Fish drawings intrigue me like I’m hypnotized by this artist. But on the Upper Playground online shop I read this: “This graphic is Jeremy Fish’s version of an Italian classic. Fulfilling the dreams of young Italian girls”. I don’t dream of Italian girls, they are my nightmare. How comes I avoid them spending time in front of the pc to write this?! All in hope of a pale blonde Swedish that reading my blog falls in luv with cheap humour and dope tees and wants to come chez moi to peep my personal collection in private…

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